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I should probably have at least one entry here shouldn't I...

Apr. 20th, 2016 | 02:20 am
location: Zambia

Well I've never claimed otherwise but it should be pretty obvious that I'm a longterm lurker. Given that I joined LJ on Nov 22nd back in 2008 and this is my first journal entry I'm clearly not the type to post much. I like messaging with people, I just never can think of a post to send out to the more widespread community. But I figured I should have at least one entry on here just so it didn't look completely abandoned or unused or something. I read a lot of other peoples' blogs and stuff, mostly various fandom meta or fanfic, but only rarely post my own stuff (mostly writing on fanfiction.net fyi). Probably because I've lived in various places with low quality/coverage to no internet since 2010, and I'm just plain ADD. I admit I write fan fiction of my own but nothing impressive so you won't find me as a big or memorable name in any fandoms. Which is good since I'm a flake, most of the time that isn't my fault (see crappy/no internet connection), but some of the time it is. So basically email me if you want to contact me for some reason and I will get back to you. Don't hold your breath on getting another entry on here though, not that it's blog specific or anything, I even only go on Facebook about once every couple years, I'm just only really into keeping up with one online thing, which is my email, in case you needed clarification.

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